Welcome to Asthma, Allergy and Immunology of Tampa Bay where you will receive exceptional care. We specialize in the evaluation and management of allergic and immunologic disorders affecting both children and adults. We offer highly specialized services in Tampa and Lutz; from allergy testing, allergy treatments, asthma treatments, to immunotherapy. The honor and privilege of caring for our patients comes with the responsibility to uphold the utmost standard of excellence in patient care.


Dr. Martin is a double Board Certified in Allergy and Immunology and Pediatrics, who has been practicing allergy and immunology medicine in Tampa since 2003. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine from the Escuela de Medicina Juan N. Corpas in Bogota, Colombia. She then went on to complete her Pediatric Residency and Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at University of South Florida, in Tampa, Florida


Whether you have environmental allergies (i.e. cats, dogs, dust mites, pollens, molds, etc.) or certain food allergies, we can help recognize those and make a treatment plan that will be most appropriate for you or your child. Our services include Medication & Drug Allergy testing, Asthma, Chronic cough, Hives, Oral Challenges, Patch Allergy Testing, Aero Allergen Testing, Food Allergy, Intolerance Testing and much more.